Behold the land of bloom and tomb,

Of lemon and geranium,

Of fete, fiesta, festival,

Of skies forever aestival,

Of orange false and orange real,

Orange blossom, orange peel:

Here thrives the fuchsia, here the rose

Grows and grows and grows and grows.

Behold the lawn, behold the vine

Where springs the precious anodyne

For eastern woe and eastern pain –

Hack it down, it springs again –

The bougainvillea, the plumbago

To conquer croup, to cure lumbago,

To banish ague and turn senescence

Into perpetual adolescence.

Here bendeth the begonia

Here mendeth schizophrenia,

Here go the golden hills and girls

Laughing down death with tawny curls

And poppy lips: here monks perspire

At manufacturing holy fire

To kill remorse, remove regret;

Preserve the prune, the apricot.

S.S. 1953