Dream of Eden Book By Sandol Stoddard

Dream of Eden: A Novel of Old Hawaii (2016)—Dream of Eden is Stoddard’s sole published novel: an island story, a love story, and an epic adventure both personal and historic. Set in Hawaii, Borneo and England during the mid-to-late 19th century, Dream of Eden follows idealistic young Englishman David Wilkinson on his first trip abroad as an Anglican missionary, thrust immediately into the midst of political, religious and social upheavals in exotic Hawaii. In the course of his adventures, the young priest encounters three remarkable women – the beautiful Hawaiian queen, an eccentric Scottish noblewoman far from home, and a mysterious presence who may or may not be the human personification of the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele. Exploring love and passion, faith and doubt, ambition and the perpetual struggle for justice, Dream of Eden is genuinely epic historical fiction.

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